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Looking For Packaging Deals? Pounce On This!

Pantero_PouncePoints_2000x.colorEveryone loves a deal. So do we. That's why we're rolling out the Pantero PouncePoints program, a wild new rewards program for our packaging and warehouse materials buyers.  

Introducing Pantero PouncePoints

What are PouncePoints? We're glad you asked. PouncePoints are our way of rewarding our loyal customers for purchasing their packaging, warehouse and facilities supplies through us.

We believe in keeping things simple, so we'll give you one PouncePoint for every dollar you spend with Pantero. When you've accumulated enough points, you can pounce on some fun gifts from our PouncePoints store or redeem your points for a discount on your next purchase.


Here's the fine print:

  • PouncePoints can be redeemed for gifts in our PouncePoints store OR for discounts on future purchases.
  • 1000 PouncePoints are needed for every 1% discount, up to a maximum 10% discount on any individual order. So, if you've got 5,000 points, you can take 5% off a future order. Certain exclusions apply. See for complete terms and conditions.
  • PouncePoints are applied when your invoice is paid based on the pre-tax, post-discount total for your purchase.
  • If items are returned, we'll take back any PouncePoints earned through their purchase (fair is fair).
  • Points never expire.

Have questions about redeeming your PouncePoints? Give us a call!

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