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Get Ready for National Safety Month

Pantero_SafetyMonth_80774704.colorJune is National Safety Month—which makes it the perfect time to take another look at how you are keeping your people safe at work.

National Safety Month is sponsored by the National Safety Council, whose mission is to eliminate preventable deaths and reduce safety hazards at work, at home and on the road. They have created some fantastic educational resources for employers around hazard recognition; slips, trips and falls; fatigue and other important topics in workplace safety.

Safety is a priority for us at Pantero. We make sure our people are using best safety practices in our warehouse and on the road to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. And we can help you keep your people safe, too. We carry a full range of safety products, from hardhats to safety harnesses. Here are a few categories you might want to consider for your workplace.

Slip and Fall Prevention

Slips, trips and falls account for one in four workplace accidents. If you have workers in high places, make sure they have proper fall protection equipment, such as safety harnesses, carabineers and anchors.

Lifting and Moving Safety

Make sure your people are trained in proper lifting form to prevent injuries to the back, neck or joints. For lifting and moving heavy objects, invest in safety equipment such as lifting slings, pallet trucks or hand trucks.

Eye Protection

Your eyes are among your most valuable assets. If the job involves chemicals, dust, particulates, open flames, or exposure to bright light (such as welding arcs), eye protection is essential. We carry a range of safety glasses/goggles for indoor and outdoor environments and different eye safety hazards. Make sure your selection is properly rated for your specific working environment.

Ear and Hearing Protection

Ok, listen up: if workers are going to be exposed to loud noises in the workplace, they need hearing protection to prevent long-term hearing loss. Choose from earmuff style or simple foam earplugs.

Chemical Exposure Protection

Working with chemicals—including corrosives, caustics (acids), pharmaceuticals, organic solvents and other hazardous liquids—requires special caution to prevent injuries due to splashing, spilling or handling. Depending on the type of chemical, level of hazard, and handling requirements, workers may need gloves, eye protection, full-face protection (e.g., face shields), respiratory protection, or other specialized clothing and footwear. Be sure to choose protective equipment rated for the type of chemical and hazard level in your workplace.

Respiratory Safety

Facemasks or respirators are a must when working with materials that produce dust and particulates. Pantero carries nuisance dusk masks and N95-rated particulate respirators that will capture dust and particulates and prevent them from entering the lungs. If you are working with very fine (nano-scale) particulates or dangerous fumes and vapors, you will need personal protective equipment (PPE) rated for your hazard.

Falling Objects

Does your workplace carry a risk of objects falling from above? Wear your safety helmets, people! Wearing a safety helmet is the #1 thing you can do to prevent head injuries and concussions caused by falling objects, falls or impact.

Traffic Safety

If your people are working around moving vehicles—either cars and trucks or warehouse equipment such as forklifts and scissor lifts—preventing pedestrian accidents is a critical priority. Make sure workers on the ground or at the side of the road are visible to drivers with high-visibility safety vests. Safety cones and signage can help keep both vehicles and pedestrians in their proper places to avoid accidents. 

Have Questions About Workplace Safety?

Talk to us—we can help you select the right safety gear for your workplace.


Please consult OSHA for up-to-date regulations, safety guidelines and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements related to your specific workplace hazards. Pantero carries safety equipment suitable for a broad range of general workplace safety hazards, but may not have specific gear required by OSHA for certain specialized, high-hazard environments.

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