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Pantero Acquires Ampro Material Handling Supplier

Acquisition adds expertise in warehouse automation and packaging equipment.

Troy, MI (November 5, 2021) — Pantero is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ampro Material Handling, a Detroit-area racking and material handling supplier since 1969. The acquisition will allow Pantero to expand its material handling solutions for its warehouse and distribution customers.

Pantero_Acquires_Ampro_1920Over the past 52 years, Ampro has made a name for itself in southeastern Michigan and beyond for high-quality material handling solutions, including warehouse racking, flow racks, mezzanines, and much more. In addition to providing in stock pallet racking, they can custom design and install complex racking systems for warehouse facilities. They also offer custom fabrication and warehouse layout design services.

Andrew Reid, Pantero Director of Operations, says, “Ampro has a wealth of experience in pallet rack & warehouse layout solutions, bringing expanded capabilities to Pantero that we can now offer to our customers. At the same time, we can offer Ampro clients a large range of packaging materials and warehouse supplies. We are excited to bring our teams together to better serve our customers.”

Glen Hope, the owner of Ampro, Inc., has over 40 years of experience in the material handling business. He will remain with the combined company as the acting manager of Pantero’s Material Handling division. He says, “I’m looking forward to joining the Pantero team. I believe our shared philosophies of providing outstanding customer service and bringing exceptional value to our customers align well between our two companies.”

Pantero and Ampro are both located in the Detroit area, and both focused on meeting the needs of the warehouse, logistics, packaging, and distribution industry. Pantero currently offers a wide range of packaging, warehouse and janitorial supplies and equipment. Their comprehensive catalog, commitment to customer service, and same-day/next-day delivery service has earned a strong following in the southeastern Michigan area. The acquisition will allow Pantero to offer one-stop service for warehouse supplies, equipment, custom warehouse solutions and design services.

Mr. Hope says, “I believe that together the products and services we offer can bring great value to our mutual customers. The Ampro team looks forward to continuing to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations as part of the Pantero family.”

Martin Reid, Pantero Director of Sales, says, “Bringing our companies together allows us to bring more value to both of our customer bases. With the experience that Glen and his team bring, we can offer much more comprehensive solutions for facility design, space saving analysis, installation, and consumable supplies. Together, we can help our customers make their operations more efficient, cost-effective and future-ready.”

About Pantero
Pantero is a fast-growing, family-owned business bringing a new approach to packaging and warehouse supply procurement to the Michigan market. With a 100,000 ft2 facility in Troy, Michigan, Pantero has a substantial stock of equipment and supplies for packaging and product protection, shipping and mailing, warehousing, safety and facilities maintenance. For more information, visit

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