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Free Shipping? Same Day Delivery? Look No Further

Pantero_HomePage_MINI-4orBefore547x312Everyone loves free shipping, and even more love free donuts. In fact, so do we. That's why treat our customers how we would like to be treated, offering them fast and free shipping on any order over $200. Wait. There is more...

Introducing 4 or Before

What's 4 or Before? Let us explain.With our 4-or-Before program, you get FREE SHIPPING and SAME DAY DELIVERY for orders placed by 10:00 AM within our 4-or-Before delivery zone*.

Here's the fine print:

  • Put your order in Monday through Friday by 10:00 AM and receive it by 4:00 PM – Guaranteed!

  • Orders received before 4:00 PM will be delivered by 10:00 AM the next day.

  • $200.00 minimum order for free delivery.

  • PLUS we deliver a warm 1/2 dozen Krispy Kreme's with any order over $200 as well



4-or-Before Delivery Zone

Fast, free same-day delivery for Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties, Michigan.

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