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Guide To Hand Sanitizer Placement in Your Facility

Now that the pandemic has made business owners and customers alike wary about the spread of illness, you can find hand sanitizer dispensers in just about every facility. Why? Because hand sanitizer is one of the most convenient ways to eliminate bacteria and germs!

Want to add dispensers to your own facility, but aren't sure where to put them? Here's a helpful guide to hand sanitizer placement in your facility.

Pantero_Hand-Sanitizer_1920Know Your State's Installation Codes

Most hand sanitizers are alcohol-based, which makes them flammable. For this reason, many states have a series of hand sanitizer dispenser installation codes you must follow.

These installation codes vary from state to state. Take the time to read over your state's codes before installing new dispensers.

The Best Places for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

So, what are the best areas for hand sanitizer dispensers? Here are a few recommended locations:

Entrances and Exits

Did you know that doorknobs spread bacteria and diseases like wildfire? To keep germy hands away from your doorknobs, install dispensers near entrances and exits. This way, customers and visitors can sanitize their hands as soon as they enter your facility.

Anywhere With Food

That means break rooms, cafeterias, and food courts, just to name a few. You’re supposed to wash your hands before and after every meal, but when you're on the go, handwashing is easy to forget.

Hand sanitizer isn't a replacement for handwashing, but it's a quick and easy option for wiping bacteria from hands. Installing a dispenser near food areas will keep everyone safe while eating.


Why install dispensers in the bathroom when there's a perfectly good soap dispenser and sink right over there? Well, because a lot of people skip the soap and rinse with just water or avoid handwashing entirely.

Is that hygienic? Absolutely not. Do they do it anyway? They sure do.

Meeting Rooms

Where people gather en-masse, germs gather en-masse. A hand sanitizer dispenser near meeting rooms gives attendees a chance to cleanse their hands before interlocking them with others in many a firm handshake.

Placement Checklist

You should also consider the accessibility of your dispensers. Here are some guidelines to hand sanitizer placement in your facility to ensure your dispensers are easy to locate and use.

Install the dispenser somewhere in plain sight. It should be easy to find, not concealed in the shadows. Place your dispenser at an average height so kids and adults alike can reach it. Ensure nothing is blocking access to the dispenser. Visitors in wheelchairs will need more room than others to access the dispenser, so avoid placing it in a narrow corridor or between furniture.

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