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Benefits of Using Side Loading Boxes for Shipping

Corrugated boxes, also known as cardboard boxes, consist of industrial-grade prefabricated cartons and have become widely used as packaging materials for many products. People can use them for personal shipping or business shipping. If employees must pack, stack, and deliver boxes, they must remain swift and efficient. That’s where side loading boxes come in.

There are plenty of benefits of using side loading boxes for shipping, as they remain some of the most popular solutions for packaging and shipping anything. They offer customization, stable cushioning, and cost-efficiency. Additionally, they provide easy assembly, and users don’t require specific tools to make them.

Durability and Low Weight

Pantero_Side_Loading_Boxes_1920When a company must ship hundreds to thousands of boxes every day, using a corrugated side loading box is usually their first choice. One of the most significant benefits of using side loading boxes for shipping is that they remain lightweight while maintaining their structure. Lightness is a considerable advantage, making it easy to carry, ship, and transport items from anywhere.

As for sturdiness and durability, it’s rare for a package to become damaged in a corrugated side loading box. This is because the box consists of a material that offers structural rigidity and cushioning ability. Lastly, these boxes can handle heavy weights and resist damages like bursts and tearing.


Saving money tends to remain a priority in every business. With side loading boxes, businesses save plenty of funds while maintaining quality.

They can purchase corrugated boxes in bulk and find them at a reasonable retail price. While remaining plentiful, side loading boxes can also come supplied from numerous vendors.

Environmental Friendliness

Another unique benefit of using side loading boxes is that they consist of recycled material. Corrugated boxes can become recycled, reused, and reshaped plenty of times while staying safe in storage and shipping. While using side loading corrugated boxes, businesses contribute toward environmental friendliness.

Many materials manufacturers use to make corrugated boxes contain organic materials, and no harmful chemicals play a part in the manufacturing process. Lastly, recycled boxes remain highly affordable while reducing the carbon footprint.

So consider picking up a few side loading boxes today with us at Pantero. We offer different sizes and styles of corrugated boxes you can choose from with ease. Shop with us today and see our wonderful deals that can benefit you!


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